Choosing the Right Leather Sofa   

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A genuine leather sofa makes a great addition to almost any living room.  While you can get leather made with faux leather, it does not really hold a candle to something made with real leather.  There are a couple things you should be aware of before buying a leather chair.  First of all, genuine leather sofas do require some care.  They are not like your average couch where you can take off the couch cushions, wash them in the washing machine, dry them and then put them back on.  You will have to be careful if you want your settee to stay in good condition over the long term.  If your home has one or more small children, you may find that leather furniture in general is not a good option until the children are older and less likely to accidentally spill things on it.   If you have an indoor pet, then you would have to make sure the pet is either very well trained or cannot get into the room where your settee is going to be.

Choosing the Right Leather Sofa   

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Another thing to keep in mind is that leather sofas are quite costly. There are a few nice black ones made by May line that cost between $680 – $850, and would do for most living rooms, since black matches pretty much anything and the style of these very nice settees is such that it would blend in well no matter what the style of the living room’s décor.  However, these are about the cheapest genuine leather sofas s on the market. After that, the prices vary wildly; most cost in the range of $2,000 to $4,500.

To get a nice leather sofa, you do not have to be limited to black.  While black is a classy color and it looks nice in almost any living room, you can gets real leather sofas in wild berry, camel, chocolate, dove, white, bourbon, orange and vellum from Chelsea Wing.  These are more contemporary in style and would look great in any contemporary style living room as long as the color you choose matches the pre existing furniture.  These settees are not very cheap, however – they cost over $3,800 per settee.

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There are a number of leather sofa that are patterned and very artistic

It can also be nice to get something that is not just one plain color.  There are a number of sofa that are patterned and very artistic.  If you have the budget for it, the St. Nicolas Sofa is absolutely gorgeous.  It is made with genuine leather and mahogany and is well suited for an elegant living room.  However, whether this lovely item is worth is $6,500 price tag is arguable.  There are a number of other choices that cost about half that much. For example, The Arbela Crocodile Sofa, also made with mahogany, or one of Presidio’s many colors of standard sofas made in the lux style.

If you are not entirely sure of what would go well in your living room, it can help to do a bit of online research.  By typing ‘leather sofas’ or ‘leather chairs’ in any internet search engine you can find photos of many different kinds of settees and get a better idea of what options are available.  In fact, there are a good number of online retailers that will sell leather furniture and often these retailers will offer their wares at a cheaper price than regular furniture should would sell for.  They also often have more of a selection and you can easily compare prices too.

There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind about shopping online.  The first thing to remember is that it is very important to know the exact size of leather sofa that you want.  Measure the space in the living room carefully; if you order something in the wrong size it is quite a hassle to return or exchange it, as you will most likely is charged for the shipping.  Also, check to see if the online retailer you are considering buying from offers free shipping for your purchase.  Many do, while some only offer free shipping if you live in a particular area and others do not ship for free at all.  It can be quite expensive to pay for the shipping, especially if the leather sofa you are buying is one of the higher quality ones made with real hardwood, as they are quite heavy.

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