Reception Desks: How to Choose 4 Your Office


We all want are offices to look professional. No matter how important appearance is for your business, we definitely know that it does matter. Just remember the amount of times you didn’t buy something because you didn’t trust the seller. So is the case with your clients, they need to get a good first impression of your business. And the first impression is in many cases the reception desks. Invest a little time and money in getting a descent one.

Reception Desks: How to Choose 4 Your Office

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Most First Time Clients Look at First for the Reception Desks

Put it in the most visible place. It does not have to be right in front of the door, the clients will find it if it is at the side. A very good complement to the reception desk is the waiting room or a reception area. Some companies have a separate waiting room and only a small reception area near the reception desk. This small reception area, which sometimes have only a couple of chairs, is intended for relieving the work of the receptionist without making people wait in line.

If the reception desk has a double use for the office, as reception desks and as secretary desk, you’ll need to buy one that suits the needs of a secretary. Normally that simply means more space and some space where you can put things that clients or visitors are not able to reach. It might sound like a useless security measure, but you never know who will be coming into your company. It should meet all the need of the person who is working there.


If personal security is an issue considers choosing a tall and wide reception desk. If security is a top priority, the reception desks will need an armored glass and be entirely bullet proof. There are companies that specialize in these kinds of reception desk, so it won’t be a problem finding one.

Equally, it won’t be a problem finding any variation you want. Matching the reception desks to the office desks is a very important point. At least all desks should match the color and the quality of the material. You’ll need to decide what kind of office impression you want, modern design or traditional, sober or inviting. The reception desks, and all the rest in the office, should also match the image you chose for your company. you may also like to read; Choosing a Reception Desk for Your Office.

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