Trendy Glass Desks for Your Office 


A lot of my friends have asked me what the best ways are to clean glass desks. So, I did some research and came back with a few things that will help you clean your glass desk or glass tables. There are many solutions, and you should find the one that works the best for you.

Trendy Glass Desks for Your Office 

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Depending on how much you are willing to spend, the results may differ from person to person. You always want to consider the type of desk that you are cleaning, because if you are trying to clean a glass executive desk, you probably want to be very cautious not to ruin its texture.

Having said that, and assuming that you are not cleaning a glass office desk, you can use a newspaper and water combined with vinegar to wipe down your glass top desk if you do not want to spend too much money on it.


Just be sure not to wet the newspaper too much otherwise you run the risk of it bleeding on to the table. But this does not happen very often, so nothing to worry about. There are a few other different methods that will help give your glass computer desk that twinkle that it had when you first bought it.

I spoke to a local cleaning crew that I have near me, and they said that when they clean glass desks they use micro fiber and water with vinegar in it. They have scented water though, so it gives off a nice fragrance after they are done cleaning it.

They told me that the micro fiber alone will almost do the trick when cleaning executive glass desks. I was very glad for this information, because I am sure that it will help a lot of people. However, this wouldn’t work if your desk is colored such as a black glass desk.

So next time you are out at the store checkout some of these items and see what the options are for your budget. It is better than just using Windex and a paper towel, which most of the time leaves a bunch of unwanted streaks that are not very appealing.

I am not going to argue on the fact that glass table tops and glass computer desks can be a hassle to keep clean. More often than not, within a few months of buying them you are going to want to clean them. But be careful when you are cleaning them, so you do not damage any of it or leave streaks.

Glass Desks Benefit

Anything from glass home office desks all the way to a simple glass writing desk will look better and make it easier for you to be productive once it’s clean. Even though not many people are going to see it, you will, and that makes all of the difference. Even if you are just cleaning glass corner desks, it is still a good idea to do some research and see what some of the best methods out there are.

Glass office desks and contemporary glass desks are hard to keep clean, and you are going to need to know some of the latest methods of cleaning them to keep the streaks and dirt off. But with some newspaper and some water mixed with a little vinegar, you are sure to have the tools to help combat the dirt and streaks to keep your work area clean as a whistle. You will be more likely to get more work done with a nice work area around you, and it all begins with that glass desk of yours.

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