How to Know of Big Man Recliners

Arbor Chocolate Brown Corduroy Two Tone Double Recliner

Finally, a recliner made just for the big guys, big man recliners. Now recliners have been around for years and are very popular. As furniture goes, recliners can be very comfortable but are not inexpensive and every year people spend lots of money on recliners. But buying a recliner can be like buying a pair of shoes. Paying lots of money for shoes that do not fit well does not make good economic sense. The only question is what would hurt more, your feet or your wallet.

How to Know of Big Man Recliners

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Corrigan Studio Agassi Recliner

The same is true when comes to buying a recliner. If a recliner does not fit well, the money spent is wasted. For anyone on the big side of life, spending money on just any recliner may not be money well spent.

In addition to being small in size, less expensive recliners are often not very well made. A poorly constructed recliner may not hold up to the rigors of everyday use and a poorly made recliner is a real problem for big and tall folks. Even a good recliner may not be quite good enough for folks who bigger than average.

Spencer Wood Framed Leather Recliner

Some recliner manufacturers have begun to respond to the needs of big guys and gals. Sold under a variety of different brand names, big man recliners offer features not found in smaller recliners.

The heart of every recliner is the mechanism. The mechanisms of less expensive recliners are sometimes made of thinner gauge steel and the seat box may be made of hard-wood. For many people, a wood seat box and lighter steel frame might be just fine for a few years.

For plus size folks, the average recliner may be just that, average. Many styles of big man and plus size recliners feature extra heavy duty mechanisms, reinforced fabric seams sewn with extra heavy thread. As one might expect the overall size of a big man recliner is much larger than the average recliner.


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