7 Great Places to Put Console Tables In Home

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Console tables are unique tables. These tables are a great addition to any room no matter what your style or taste of furniture is. You can find this table in any style imaginable, from a plain console table with four legs and a top to one with many shelves and a couple of drawers. The places you can put these tables in your home are literally endless. The things that you can put on top of these tables to decorate or for use are endless as well.

7 Great Places to Put Console Tables In Home

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Here There Are Popular Place To Put Your Console Tables

  1. Entry Way Is the

You can use a console table in your entry way. Placing your table next to the door with a large healthy plant on top is an excellent way to greet yourself as you come through the door. With space welcoming you to drop your keys and mails, the table next to the door is really a necessary piece for many households.

  1. Living room

A console table looks great in the living room. Fill the shelves with books, and put your address book and things you may need close by inside of the drawers. Maybe even a long lighter for lighting your living room candles would be an appropriate item for in the drawer. Place a lamp on top, with a picture enclosed in a frame, and you have yourself a lovely little addition to your living room.

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  1. Formal dining room

Placing a console table into your formal dining room is a great idea, use the top of the table for holding your table centerpiece while you clean your dining room table, or simply make your console table a centerpiece of its own, to add to the decor of this room. Use the drawers to store your silverware and cloth napkins for your next dinner party, and you will be set.

  1. Hallway

Using a console table in the hallway is a great idea for adding a touch of something in the hall. When you just need a touch, place a lamp on top of the table to light up the hallway in your home. When you do this, you will no longer be running into doors or walls, and you will be able to see when your hallway is dark.

  1. Kitchen

Console tables in the kitchen are a great idea. Place one under a low window, and use the shelves to store your cookbooks. Maybe you can place cookie cutters into the drawers for easy access. With your table underneath a window, this would be another great place to put a plant so that the sunlight can make it grow.

  1. Bedroom

Another great room to use a console table in is the bedroom. You can add a table to the empty wall that just needs a little extra touch of something special. Put your stereo on top of it for easy access, and fill the bottom shelves with a few books for night time reading in the bed. Maybe you would have room on top for a lamp as well as the stereo.

  1. Bathroom

A console table in the bathroom is an excellent place to have one. Maybe your lighting is poor in your bathroom. Add a console table and put a lamp on top of it. This will give you great lighting, and extra space to store your curling iron and hair drier in the drawers.

Console tables are versatile, and can be used in every room of the house. You can use one for necessity, or you can use one just to add to the decor. Whatever your reason, be creative with where you place your table, and just know that because it is intended for one particular place does not mean that is where you have to put it.

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