The Advantages of Using a Ventless Fireplace

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If you want a new way to stay warm during the cold seasons then you may want to invest in a ventless fireplace. If you have never used these types of heaters you may be surprised at how safe they are and how much heat they put off.

The Advantages of Using a Ventless Fireplace

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What is ventless? Most furnaces vent out through a chimney, flue, or venting ducts that run externally. A ventless fireplace does not require an external vent. As the fuel gets hot it combines with the air and burns out so there are no fumes to escape into the room. This can save you a lot of money because you don’t need to keep up with a flue or chimney.

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A Ventless Fireplace May Be the Answer

This type of stove is sometimes used as a backup source in heating the home. If one room in the home is chilly compared to other rooms, then a ventless fireplace may be the answer to decrease that cold feeling. When your heat is spread evenly you will use less fuel to heat your home. This saves you money, which is always an advantage.

These ventless heating sources can be electric, propane gas, natural gas, or wood. These heaters are affordable and they are great to keep on hand in case you need extra heat.

Another advantage to using ventless fireplace is that they can come in different colors and designs so you can match the stove with your current decor.

In order to hook your stove up you will need to have a line coming into your room that will supply the fuel. If it is electric or wood you won’t need this line at all but you will need to have a plug in for the electric. The wood stove only needs wood to heat it up so again, you won’t need to have a line running into your home.

If you are not sure which stove to go with you may want to look into natural gas first. Natural gas will provide a more even heat throughout the room and in the end it will cost less to keep it. You will need to know how many BTU’s to go with before you buy anything.

There is some controversy on using the ventless heaters. The fact that it is ventless does not really mean that it will be completely ventless. But, when you have enough air in a room the ventless heaters are not a danger. There are several different places around the U.S. that have actually banned the use of ventless fireplaces, mainly gas fireplaces, due to health issues. They do have the potential over time to build up a certain amount of carbon monoxide. Before you install your ventless fireplace you need to make sure that it is allowed where you live. Also get compare at: Pellet Stove Inserts for Alternative Stove

To protect yourself even more you need to buy a carbon monoxide detector from any store. These are very reasonably priced and have an alarm to let you know when there is too much carbon monoxide in the room.

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