Amish Hickory Rocking Chair

Amish Hickory Rocking Chair

There isn’t a porch that doesn’t need a rocking chair of some sort. It just doesn’t look or feel right without one and for those with discriminating tastes nothing beats an Amish hickory rocking chair for old world style and comfort. Not to mention how good it will look on your porch.

Amish Hickory Rocking Chair

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Amish Hickory Rocking Chair


The hickory rocker has been a staple of Amish furniture craftsmanship for well over 100 years now. It is crafted through tried and true methods that have withstood the test of time and ensure a durable piece that will last a family for many generations.

Amish Hickory Rocking Chair


The frame of the chair is made of handpicked hickory saplings while the back support and seat is crafted from light oak. The young shagbark saplings are cut in the winter which keeps the sap down and allows the bark to stay attached as the chair ages. These saplings are partially dried and then cut to length. They are then steamed and put into forms for about a day which gives them their shape. Once dry these shaped pieces are then assembled in a jig which is clamped to hold them in place. The assembled pieces are put together to form the finished chair which is then sanded followed by several coats of durable varnish which seals the chair against the elements and time.


These handcrafted chairs are extremely comfortable because of the contoured, form fitting seat that is built into each one. Once you sit down in yours you will fully appreciate the time and care that went into building your Amish hickory rocker. In fact the Amish craftsman take such pride in their work that many of them sign and date their work.


So no matter where you put your new Amish hickory rocking chair, is it the porch, new baby nursery, or your family room it will be an inviting piece that begs you to sit down, slow down, and enjoy the comforts that it brings. For more information you can see too: Relax in a New Outdoor Lounge Chairs


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