Antique Round Pedestal Dining Table


An antique round pedestal dining table is one that is over twenty years old. The general look of a piece of furniture tells the expert whether it is old or not, but this is a matter of experience. If you are interested in old furniture, see as many pieces as you can. Go to museums where you are certain of the authenticity of the piece of furniture. Slowly the eye and mind can be trained to recognize whether the appearance of a piece is true or not. Run your fingers around or underneath the table, very sharp edges and corners can indicate recent manufacture. Look for the distinctive curved pattern left in the wood by the teeth of a circular saw. It is one important sign of manufacture after 1840. Antique period table pedestals are often reinforced with a hand-hammered metal disk or a tri-art metal strap where the legs join. Twentieth-century tables may be reinforced with large, crimped staples. A one-board top, made from a single piece of wood, is a good indication of age.

Antique Round Pedestal Dining Table

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How to make an antique round pedestal dining table?

The aging of the wood alters its color according to the timber from which it is made and according to the treatment it has received over the years. Even the hidden parts change. The old polished outside of an antique round pedestal dining table will mellow and repolishing changes the color of the wood completely. It is worthwhile in studying the methods of making furniture and how they have changed from time to time. When examining a round pedestal dining table in a strong light, it is well to look for signs of alteration and to try to reason what was done and why. New screws differ greatly from old. Remove one screw in an inconspicuous spot. An old antique, handmade screw will have irregular widths between the spirals, running the whole length of the shaft. The slot in the head may be off-center. Veneering came into use with the introduction of walnut. Old veneers were cut from with a saw by hand and are quite thick, many of them almost an eighth of an inch. Modern veneers are cut with a machine-driven saw, and are much thinner. This with other factors is a useful indication of the genuineness of the piece. The use of some of the rarer woods implies that a table cost more for materials and probably for labor and that it was probably made to a high standard.

A beautiful piece you may see while browsing for antique round pedestal dining tables is a round, oak, 54″ diameter table. Solid oak on Empire style pedestal which splits when extended. It comes with four leaves and extends to 102″ with all leaves installed and will seat up to 14 people. It was very well built and stable. Something like this may cost around $1750

Antique Pedestal Dining Tables Houzz In

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Value, in an antique round pedestal dining table, depends chiefly on four criteria—rarity, provenance, quality, and condition. Of these, only condition and provenance are fairly simple to establish. The other two usually require time, research, and experience. The help of an expert would be a big help also. Patina, finish and color are also important in considering furniture’s value.

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