Brass Desk Lamps for an Elegant Home


Brass desk lamps are a great way to enhance your room with elegance and class. Whether you go for a modern or an antique design, it will depend on the current room decor that you have in your home.

Brass Desk Lamps for an Elegant Home

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Having a desk lamp with a brass finish is a great way to improve the ambient of any room since brass is a very popular finish for many home devices and fixtures. For example, brass is also a great accessory for various drawers and cabinets pulls and knobs.

Some of the most popular colors and materials available for the lampshades of these desk lamps are black, solid brass (not only the base), chrome, bronze, nickel, white muted glass, green and off-white or cream. I especially like the lamps with a satin finish; they are feminine and really elegant in style.


The two main styles of brass desk lamps that people are aware of today are antique brass desk lamps and modern or contemporary brass desk lamps.

Antique brass desk lamps

One of the best ways to create that vintage look in your home is by using antique brass desk lamps. Each here you can find originals or very good replicas of such lighting fixtures found in various ancient phases. People who live in older homes seem to take a lot to this lamp style and with good reason, as they fit in very well with the ambient.

If you buy an antique brass desk lamp at a mart, or maybe at an antique store or a garage sale, you might have to upgrade the electrical parts of it, since the original pieces were made long before the modern technology. However, if you do not care about originals, and you are happy to be the well-done look alike, they are already loaded with the latest modern technology, such as lamps that reduce glass or display natural light style.

In addition, you can easily get lamps that can control the wattage, getting lightbulbs of 75, 100, or even 150 watts for the best lighting for your purposes. Energy saver light bulbs are the rage today so you can easily adjust your lamp for this modern and eco-friendly lighting.

Contemporary brass desk lamps

Today you can find modern and contemporary brass desk lamps that have little to do with the history. They are offered in many diverse styles, such as the swing arm desk lamps, magnifying desk lamps and even expensive chrome plated brass desk lamps and they are well suited for any table, desk, or working surface for best lighting. Talking about energy saver lamps, you can easily find a halogen desk lamp with a base of brass.

The banker’s desk lamps are very popular modern brass lamps. Their base is made of solid brass and the lampshades are usually one color, such as green, white, or blue.

You can also find a few antique bankers desk lamps that have a muted elegance about them. The antique styles are ‘male’ oriented. I can always imagine these in the office of a well-known important ancient figure.

An interesting transitional style is called art deco style. This is neither antique, not contemporary. For example, the Tiffany desk lamps come to mind here. They have great stained glass themes as lampshades, which are quite colorful on time. Their price is usually higher than that of other similar desk lamp styles, however, they are well worth having, since, besides task lighting, they also offer great home decor ambient that will improve any room to a maximum.

Regardless whether they are antique or contemporary in design, all brass desk lamps serve well the purpose for which they were originally designed: to offer proper task lighting for reading, doing crafts, studying, working in the garage or doing anything that needs strong lighting on the surface without the annoyance of glare in your eyes.

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