How To Build A Round Dining Table

Diy Round Dining Table Plans

So you’ve decided to build a round dining table. Good for you! It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. Let’s start with a material list.

How To Build A Round Dining Table

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There are several tools you will need.

  1.  A ¾” medium density fiberboard [MDF] sheet measuring 4″x8″
  2.  Dowel compass
  3.  Jigsaw
  4.  Circular saw
  5.  Belt sander
  6.  Router
  7.  Clamps
  8.  Ruler
  9.  Drill
  10.  Wood screws.

Once you’ve got all your materials together, it’s time to start to build your own dining table.

legs model for round dining table

These Are The Directions For A 36” Round Dining Table

  1. Cut your MDF into two pieces. One 37 inches and the other 59 inches.
  2. Set your dowel compass to 18 inches. Use the dowel compass to draw a 36 inch circular on the smaller piece.
  3. Cut out using the jigsaw. Stay outside the line.
  4. Soften the cut line buy using your sander. Position it close to the table top and then rotate to sand down the line.
  5. To get a nice curve you now need to router the top edge.
  6. You can spice up the base a little too. Measure four inches down from the top and bottom. Then mark.
  7. Place your circular tabletop on the marks drawing a soft curve on the outer edge of the legs.
  8. Use the jigsaw to cut out the curves.
  9. Laid one panel on the other than simply clamp together. Remember to find the center in both directions.
  10. Center to the room and finish.
  11. Finish meeting your own style and needs. Choose a stain that works with the rest of the colors in your room.
  12. Apply a quality coat of plastic coat lacquer to the surface to ensure that the table stays protected.

That’s it. Just 12 easy steps and you will have built your own table.
Your dining room table is an important part of your room and you should settle for nothing less than the perfect choice. Building your own gives you a great deal more flexibility in color, style, and all the way around.

If you decide round isn’t for you don’t be afraid to try square or rectangular. The directions overall will be the same with a few minor changes but I’m sure you can figure it out. Remember, practice make perfect.

There are so many great choices and having the skill to decide to build your own is great. Not everyone is so inclined and for those that are not you will need to do some serious online shopping that will get you the best prices around.

Now that you know how to build a round dining table what are you waiting for?

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