Chair Keyboard Tray for Comfortable Working

Chair Keyboard Tray with Clamping System

Working on the computer just got easier with the chair keyboard tray. This ergonomic office chair accessory was designed to ease certain discomforts that are common with people who spend long hours at the computer.

Chair Keyboard Tray for Comfortable Working

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Keyboard Tray For Office Chair

It does will give you better options than the usual sitting position that often strain the wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, and back. This gadget attaches to your computer chair where you can then place your keyboard nearer to where you sit. It encourages a more relaxed, neutral, and healthy body position. Using a chair keyboard tray will eliminate undue stresses from stretching your arm to reach your keyboard and mouse, from leaning uncomfortably on your seat, and from a stiffening of the wrist. These strains are sometimes unnoticeable, but they can compound in an 8 hour workday.

Recommended: The Mobo Brand Chair Keyboard Tray

With the use of this sleek black chair keyboard tray, you can accessorize your workspace, take the keyboard out of an uncomfortable computer desk, and place the keyboard and mouse where it should be. For its usefulness, it is surprisingly low key and straightforward. This product is an 8 ½ lbs. tray system with a rectangular shape. The material is high strength, rigid, industrial grade polymer. The dimensions of the product are 23 x4 x 13 inches. This consists of three main components:

Chair Keyboard Tray with Clamping System

The 12.5— 22 inch removable keyboard trays

The 7.5—12.5—2.5 inch left armrest with folding mousepad

The 7.5—12.5—2.5 right armrest with folding mousepad

Setting Up the Chair Keyboard Tray

Setting up the Mobo Ergo Chair Keyboard Tray and Mouse System will take up less than 15 minutes of your time. By performing six easy steps, the reward is an unsurpassed comfort for the rest of your working days.

Step#1: Lay out all the pieces. Make sure you have all the parts. Aside from the three main components, there will be mounting screws of different lengths to choose from.

Step#2: Get yourself a Phillips head screwdriver. This is the only tool you will need.

Step#3: Make sure your armrest is a standard t shape or curve. The product will fit on armrests up to 4 inches wide.

Step#4: Mount the armrests to the chair. Secure with brackets that bolt together in the front and back of the armrest mounts. The mounting screws for this are provided.

Step#5: The keyboard tray can now be mounted into the system.

Step#6: The left and right mouse pads can be folded or unfolded according to use

 Where can you find it?

This chair keyboard tray is a great product. There is not much like it. However, plenty of retailers do carry this brand. For your convenience, you could check online retailers to compare their prices. and ergonomic product stores, as is a good start.

Once you have found the product at the price you want, then you can use your credit card to order. Make sure that the store that sells the chair keyboard tray is a reputable one with a reliable delivery system. Other things to look for when buying online are secure sites, product warranties, and discount sales and free shipping.

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