Choosing a Glass Sofa Table on a Budget

Glass Sofa Table

In case you have a glass sofa table in your house then you surely understand how beautiful the table and glass is. It would just take a small ray of sunlight to hit on the glass table and it would turn into a bright masterpiece that brightens up the entire room.

Choosing a Glass Sofa Table on a Budget

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Modern Wooden Center Sof Table Glass Top

However, a few threats are currently coming up owing to this kind of home furniture. This means you need to find out whether the glass included is safe. In case you have recently purchased or would soon purchase a glass sofa table then you can even find out with the manufacturer whether they have used a tempered glass for the table.

However, if your glass table was purchased long before then you can even opt for a glass replacement to ensure you have the best quality of glass in your home.

Contemporary Center Tables With Glass Top

Although tempered glass and regular glass look quite similar there is still a main different in the way they function. When someone places a hot plate or drink on the regular glass, it might break due to the change in temperature. Apart from breaking, the pieces of glass would also scatter all over the place, which could hurt you and others in the family.

However, tempered glass, on the other hand, undergoes a detailed process of cooling and heating the glass with the aim to make it stronger compared to regular glass. This glass is designed to easily handle temperature changes and the pressure being placed on it.

This is even more important when you have children at home. Even well-mannered children would still come across some cases when they have fun whole not paying attention to the nearby stuff and run all over the house with a toy in their hand.

Although they might have no intention of doing anything wrong, it would just take a slight touch blow of the passing toy to bring your regular glass sofa table into thousand pieces. However, the tempered glass is designed to deal with a couple of such bangs and bumps which bounce back without even a crack on it.

Regardless of the glass sofa table shape you have, you will not face a problem in getting a tempered glass to replace your previous or regular glass piece. However, the actual decision you might have to make is how to think you need the glass to be. The tempered glass is available in thickness of quarter inch to nearly an inch thick. The glass available in varied thickness levels has its advantages and disadvantages.

A thinner glass is more prone to cracks and breaks compared to the thicker but it does not have much weight. However, the thick glass could be very heavy but it is very strong. Therefore you will have to ensure that the frames of your glass console could handle this extra weight when you intend purchasing a thicker glass.

Therefore, as a glass is fragile, by nature there are still some types of glass, which can handle a bit more of wear and tear compared to others. Some fragile types of glass tables are generally for homes, which do not come across rough times. These could be great for adult contemporary house or to a room, which is normally meant to be a show off place and not into a daily living room with children.

These glass tables can break quite easily and send a piece of glass all over the place that can be very dangerous. However, these normal or regular table glasses offer an excellent way to include sofa glass tables to your home while staying within a budget. You just have to ensure that proper care and maintenance is taken to keep it free from scratches and dirt.

Choosing a Glass Sofa Table

There are some choices available when it comes to choosing a glass table for your sofa set. You can find it for yourself, as you can just visit a nearby furniture store to find out about the different types of sofa tables including glass tables. Moreover, when you visit some online furniture stores, you will be amazed to find a huge range in just glass sofa tables apart from several other options in wood, and metal tables.

Most of the online dealers would have different categories for furniture and again a different section for different types of it. This means when you need a sofa table you can find a range of designs and patterns in different makes such as glass and wood. It does make an excellent addition to your contemporary interior design as each table is carefully designed to meet contemporary rooms and interiors.

Besides, you can even choose a glass sofa table according to your budget as there are several online dealers offering discounts on their products and sofa tables.


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