Choosing a Reception Desk for Your Office


We have been thousands of time in front of a reception desk. However, normally we don’t remember anything about it. Was it tall and wide? Was it modern or classical? Apparently we don’t care as clients about the reception desk. We just go there ask for what we need and that’s all, right? Actually not.

Choosing a Reception Desk for Your Office

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A Reception Desk is Like the Picture of Your Office

It is the first impression that clients, but also any kind of visitor, will get from your business. Investing some time and some money in a descent one is as important as it is to have descent office desks. Needless to say all furniture should match in style. That means quality of the materials and color. Buying everything together makes it easier to have a well-designed office.

First tip: don’t use an office desk as a reception desk. That only makes you look cheap. And an office desk is not actually the same. A reception desk needs to be highly visible, since it is the port that visitors seek when they enter your company. It also needs to provide a certain degree of intimacy for the employee working there. He should have some space to put documents out of sight of everyone, for example. You never know who is going to visit you. Some employees can be loud, so it’s good to have a buffer between the reception area and offices. A reception desk puts a convenient discreet barrier between the employee and the visitors.


When choosing the reception desk remembers how many visitors you are getting. If you have loads of visitors, choose a resilient material, since literally everyone will put their elbows onto the reception desk. It might sound odd, but some types of wood simply cannot get much rubbing. Another bad choice of material is glass. Glass looks nice and it is also easy to clean. The only problem is keeping it clean. Most visitors lean on the desk and place whatever they have on it, so it must be rock solid too.

Another, often forgotten issue is that all office furniture, including the reception desk must fulfill the Disabilities Act. That means that a reception counter must have a portion lower to the ground, so that all wheelchair users are able to use it. If your employee is on a wheelchair, you can place a platform on his side of the desk.

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