Getting the Best Kitchen Cabinets

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Selecting the best kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen is the most important task, everything hinges on the decisions you make at the start.

Getting the Best Kitchen Cabinets

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The cabinets will cost around 40% of the total kitchen budget and it is one of those make or break decisions. The right choices now will give you a kitchen that is efficient and will look great for years to come.

After you have made your plans for the layout of the new kitchen, your budget will dictate to considering what type of cabinets you will be able to buy.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

There Are Many Concerns To Get The Best Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom Cabinets  will be at the top of the market. You will have all the materials, styles and finishes to choose from. The kitchen will be made to fit into your space exactly; no compromises will be imposed by the supplier. All this comes at a premium price and will also take the longest to produce.


  • Semi-Custom Cabinets are still made to measure, the material choices might be a little more limited and some of the kitchen cabinets will come from a standard range, but the kitchen will still be fitted to your space and with your specific requirements catered for in most cases. Delivery time will still be longer, 6-8 weeks would be a reasonable time frame, depending on the time of the year etc. Cost will be somewhat lower than a bespoke kitchen, but the result will still look custom made.


  • Stock-range Cabinets are just what the name implies; they come from a stock selection and are usually on display in the supplier’s showroom. Not much leeway will be given to custom requirements, sometimes even the selection of the appliances are set by the store. There is a lot of competition in this range of the market, so it would be wise to shop around, not only for the best price, but also for the most flexible supplier.


  • Kits and Flat pack Cabinets have gained a lot of popularity over the past 10 years and the choices of available styles have increased enormously. Be aware of hidden ‘extras’ they might not be obvious at first, make sure you know exactly what’s included in the kit and what would have to be supplied at an extra cost. 

If you have the ability, you can save a lot of money by doing the installation yourself, ask the supplier to show you the instructions that come with one of the more complicated cabinet kits. Satisfy yourself that they are understandable and are very specific in their description and show pictures of various parts. Also inquire what tools you would need and if there are any supplied with the kit.

If, on the other hand, you have to get someone to do the installation for you, ask the supplier for trusted trades people they can recommend. It would also be wise to shop around, online and in the local papers, for people advertising there.

When you have decided on the kitchen you want and the people who will supply it, all that remains is for you to negotiate the best price and agree on a delivery time. You will usually need to pay a deposit and sign a contract, with a copy for you and the supplier.

Selecting the best kitchen cabinets will take some time and should not be rushed; it is a major expense and definitely warrants careful consideration of the cost, the style and quality of workmanship and materials. Read too the related post: Top 4 Best Glass Display Cabinets .

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