How a Glass Table Can Improve Efficiency

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I was out shopping, which was an unusual thing for me to be doing, especially on a weekend because the stores are so crowded then. Anyway, one of the things that caught my eye was a glass desk. Now since I have a glass table at home, seeing a glass desk should not have been a big surprise. But this one really attracted my attention.

How a Glass Table Can Improve Efficiency

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I found this glass desk so interesting, I actually started to think about whether I needed another desk or if I needed to replace the desk I have. After all, with a glass table, a glass desk would be part of making my home look more cohesive and the décor more planned. In the end, I decided not to buy the desk this time but it’s still on my mind. Obviously it must be or I wouldn’t be talking about it and thinking about it.

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Easy Maintenance of Glass Table


The glass table that I have is in the kitchen/dining area. It has a nice wooden pedestal stand and a very thick, round glass top. What I like about it is that it puzzles the cat. I put my dishes on the table and the cat sits under the table and looks up.

If I drop food on the table, which I sometimes do deliberately, it is fun to watch the cat respond to the possibility of food being so close yet so far due to the effect of the glass table. He will stretch up to his full length and pat underneath the glass top in an effort to snag the food.

The glass desk was very appealing, but not for the cat-amusing factor. The one that caught my eye was not a completely see through glass desk. The glass was red and the frame was metal. The more I think about that black computer desk, the more I realize that I may actually have to invest in it.


There’s something so nice and clear and clean about a smooth desktop like that. Although a lot of people claim that a cluttered desk was a sign of a busy person, it is also possible that a cluttered desk is a sign of a disorganized workplace.


Clutter on a desk really can distract from your ability to work. It is also a time waster as you dig through piles of paper looking for the urgent item that you need right now.


I already know about the virtues of having a glass table, and I know for a fact that a Glass Top Desk for Modern Look Home will have many of the same features, so I just hope that it’s available by the time I go back there to actually load it in my car.


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