How to Clean Glass Dining Table

How to Properly Clean Glass Tables

Glass dining table and other glass furniture are pretty much easy to maintain. Simple daily actions will keep the beauty of the glass furniture and weekly maintenance will protect its luster. The monthly maintenance will make sure that your glass dining table set will last for a very long time.

How to Clean Glass Dining Table

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How to Properly Clean Glass Tables

Daily cleaning routines are easy to do and will not actually last for more than two minutes per glass article. Here are some steps to do the daily cleaning routines for your glass dining tables and other glass furniture.

Find cloth that is soft and smooth that you will use in order to clean your glass dining table

You can also use feather dusters and the other usual dust removers but make sure that it will not damage your furniture. I suggest you use cloth here and use your own hands to wipe the dust that has accumulated in your furniture because cloth does not really damage it. Also, when you use your hands you can easily tell if the force that you are using is sufficient and if the force that you apply is too much.

A lint-free cloth removes dust from a glass dining table.

When cleaning your glass dining table you should not also forget to clean the other things that surround it. It would be best to clean the whole room too because people take into account not only a particular piece of equipment but they take in the room as a whole. Even if you keep cleaning the glass dining table if you don’t clean the other things in the room with it, then it defeats the purpose. The room is a whole and the whole will be stained if even one part is out of place.

Be careful to use proper substances that will not ruin your glass furniture. Remember that not all substances can be used to clean glass because some substances damage it. Read about it and ask people in order for you to be able to properly clean your glass dining table without destroying its charm. There are a lot of ways to do this and the usual thing people do here is just buying ready made products from the grocery that are usually harmful to you and the environment but not harmful to glass. Here are some of the homemade mixtures used to maintain glass surfaces that are Eco-friendly and also harmless to you and your family.

You can mix rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water in equal parts to get a mixture that is like a quick drying spray and will be able to be used in your glass surface. Or you can also just use vinegar and water to clean glass surfaces. This mixture is a different mixture from the first formula because it does not use rubbing alcohol and also because the proportion of the vinegar to water is 1:4. This mixture is a bit sticky without the rubbing alcohol to remove the smell so is warned.

You can also make glass surfaces sparkle and shine when you use crumpled up newspapers. You can also use lint free cloth to make these kinds of surfaces shine.

For people who don’t really care how much they spend, they can use steam cleaners to clean their glass surfaces. This is not exactly eco-friendly though because steam cleaners use electricity to work.

You can also use washing liquid to clean your glass dining tables but be sure to properly rinse the surface and make it shine with the material of your choice.

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How to Properly Clean Glass TablesA lint-free cloth removes dust from a glass dining table.

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