Pellet Stove Inserts for Alternative Stove

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Just what are pellet stove inserts? So many people know what a free standing pellet stove is, they are a wood burning stove, but it use sawdust and other recycled wood products in pellet form, burning far more efficiently than a regular standard wood burning stove. An insert is just the same thing, only it fits into your existing fireplace. It uses the same ventilation as your fireplace, but may stick out further depending on your hopper. If you have a top loading topper, then it may expand outward from you existing unit, if it’s a front loader, chances are it will be flush with the rest of your unit.

Pellet Stove Inserts for Alternative Stove

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Pellet stove inserts are usually custom fitted to the size of your fireplace, to limit the amount of wasted space, as well as improve heating capabilities. In a While many have extra options added, like blower fans, electronic thermostats, etc. there are just a few differences. The top loading hoppers need to have the higher grade, lower ash pellets, because these can clog up and have to be manually cleared. The Front loading stoves have horizontal movement, which pushes the ash out as new pellets are added. For these stoves, you can use regular pellets since you don’t have the worry of ash.

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Pellet Stove Operation

Most pellet stove inserts will be operate at an output range of 40-60 thousand BTUs, but you can get them in smaller and higher ratings. You also have the options of either manual or automatic starting systems. By manual starters, you have to use some kind of liquid or gel and physically light it. By electric ignition, you must push the start button, the pellets are feed into the burn area and the self-igniter is activated.


For a while you can order pellet stove inserts online, in order to save shipping cost it may be a good idea to visit a local retailer first. This way you can get a precise fit and ask any questions you may have right there and have help. You may find that they will come out and not only install it for free but may also arrange for limited free maintenance. In some cases, you may even get a deal on the pellets. They may offer a ton of pellets for free with purchase, to get you started, also you can compare with the other stove at: Examining Options in Electric Stove Tops

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