Pine Bedside Cabinet to Complete Bedroom

pine bedside cabinet retro metal legs

A pine bedside cabinet can make a nice addition to finish off any bedroom design. Aside from being attractive, it is a convenient place to put important things, such as that annoying alarm clock, or reading materials or emergency snacks. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any preference and are available in many sizes to fit your home.

Pine Bedside Cabinet to Complete Bedroom

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Shabby chic pine bedside cabinet

Many pine bedside cabinets are carefully handcrafted, some with flat bottoms that sit directly on the floor and some that stand on feet. They can be stained in a variety of light to dark finishes, or be painted in a myriad of colors. Some have several drawers, some just a simple door.

Many have a combination of both or a drawer with an open space beneath. A double-wide cabinet with two doors or two rows of drawers nicely fills up a larger space. If you have a smaller room, a narrow ‘skinny’ size would work well. A taller size, about six inches higher than average, would look nice next to a raised bed.

Reclaimed Pine Bedside Cabinet

The Benefit of Buying a Solid Pine Bedside Cabinet

What is the benefit of buying a solid pine bedside cabinet, as opposed to oak or maple? Primarily is the price. Oak and maple are harder woods and can be much more costly. Pine is softer, less expensive, and generally stains in uneven patterns, giving each piece a unique finish.

It can be easily ‘antiqued‘, a process that destroys or changes the wood’s finish to make it look older and less perfect. Some cabinets are made from reclaimed pine, a pre-used lumber taken from old buildings or boxcars and recycled into new creations. An antique pine bedside cabinet can be found at house sales or auctions, often at a very good price.

Once you have your cabinet it needs to be cared for properly. It should never be placed where the sun would shine directly on it. The room temperature should be kept constant, and hot or cold items should not be put on the wood without a coaster to protect the surface.

Damp or wet floor surfaces can cause stains on the floor. Cleaners to avoid using are soap and water, detergents, and polish with silicon or aerosol sprays. For everyday dusting, a fluffy duster or dry cloth works best. Murphy’s wood oil or soap is recommended for cleaning as well as lemon oil or Old English oil.

Therefore, regardless of whether you need a simple, one-door style or prefer a more elaborate piece, pine bedside cabinets are attractive, functional, and add a decorative touch to any room. With proper care, they can grace your home with beauty, perhaps even become an antique that will be cherished by your family for years to come.

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