Pine Office Desk: Know What It Is Before Buy

Reclaimed Pine Office Desk

Read below to know why pine office desk is one of the most popular office furniture.

Pine Office Desk: Know What It Is Before Buy

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Vintage Pine Office Desk

What is Pine?

Popular and prevalent as good furniture material, pine is a soft wood that can hold its own with hardwood desks. A pine office desk will not warp, it is tough and strong, and it glues together well. Pinewood is easy to shape, both with hand tools and power tools. Best of all, it is affordable.

There are many species of pine, and some are as hard as hardwood. It has a rustic appeal when finished by bringing out its grain. Aside from a pine office desk, pine cabinetry, and other types of furniture, it can also be seen as indoor paneling, in floors, and window frames. Pinewood is also popular with craftwork and folk art.

Simple Pine Office Desk

The light color of pinewood lends itself well as a base to most types of finishing stains and hues. It is thus used as a foundation wood for dark stains, paints, or enamels of brown, red, or green furniture. Weathered effects are also achieved beautifully on a pine office desk.

Some species of pine have high resin content. With these types of pinewood, some finishing processes must be performed before a stain or any enameling can be done. These will include washing with an alcohol solution, sanding, and applying fillers on the resinous wood. It is then coated with linseed oil or shellac.

Is It a Pine Office Desk?

To determine wood type, we look at color, grain, texture, and wood patterns. Pine has the additional quality of fragrance. There is a distinct aroma of pinewood that one cannot miss in a pine office desk.

Pine color is pale white to light yellow. It changes to a deeper yellow with age. Pine grain is subdued, straight, and uniform. The grains are closer together and smoother than other kinds of wood grains. The texture is soft and fine, and even.

Because a pine office desk is a candidate for painting over with enamel and dark hues, here are other ways of determining the identity of it.

You can also establish if it is a pine office desk by checking the durability of the wood, or how it withstands bumps and scratches. Pine is essentially a soft wood, so you can check for marks such as scuffs and dents, and even abrasions on high traffic areas such as on the legs of the table.

You can check its weight for lightness. Even if it has been stained a golden oak, red, oak, mahogany, or cherry color; it will still be much lighter than those hardwood desks.

A Review of Pine Office Desk Characteristics

A pine office desk is made out of a softwood material, but is not necessarily soft. It is light in weight, in color, and in price as well. The wood has a pleasant aroma or fragrance. It has a subdued grain, texture, and pattern. It is a good material for enameling or painting over with darker hues. It is sensitive to bumps, nicks, and scratches.

Pine Office Desk Buying Facts

The current price for a pine office desk ranges from about $200 to $800. A high-end heirloom-quality pine office desk can be bought for the $800 range. A lower range pine office desk is usually a plain computer desk, a student desk, or a writing desk.

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