The Pros and Cons of Pedestal Tables

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Pedestal Tables are gorgeous tables that bring out a lot in the decor of your house. There are a variety of pros and cons this particular type of tables, and in this article we will discuss a few of them. It is important to note that there is a wide variety of styles and shapes available. Most small pedestal tables are used as accent tables, but even than there are many ways you can put them to practical use in your home. Some tables are used as kitchen or dining room furniture. These make good options for dining furniture if you are fond of the style. The ambiance they create is a semi-modern, rustic ambiance that appeals to cozy family homes.

The Pros and Cons of Pedestal Tables

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Pros of a Pedestal Table as Accent and Dining Room Furniture

As accent furniture, they are extremely practical. Because of the small pedestal table base, you can fit them into places where normal four legged tables would rarely fit. Knee high pedestal tables can be used as side tables for living room sets. Tables of the same height but of a longer length are usually used as center tables for living rooms, accented with a rug. The potential for decor with pedestal table designs is almost limitless. You can use these tables for holding flowers, ashtrays, lamps, etc. A round kitchen table is useful in adding kitchen space. Depending on how you have decorated, they could even be useful in bedroom decor.

Cons of Pedestal Tables

One of the cons of these tables in general is that they are too informal. While there are some that are extremely formal, these are rare in the average household. A wooden pedestal table could hold a formal appeal, but most modern pedestal tables look best in an informal setting. Another con is that they are sometimes unstable. With accent tables this can be a problem, because they usually hold some sort of flower vase, decorative item, or lamp. With a smaller table base, it is easier for these tables to be knocked over by pets and children.

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In Conclusion

These tables have their pros and cons and are not necessarily more useful than typical tables, but they do have an attractive appearance. An oak wood double pedestal dining table with matching oak chairs gives a very warm, semi-traditional feel to a family dining room. Many married couples with children enjoy the appearance of wooden pedestal tables. A wooden pedestal dining table is a nice way to bring a little old culture into a modern household.

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