Restaurant Tables and Chairs Choosing Guide

round table restaurant

Restaurant tables and chairs are a must-have for any establishment. The tables and the chairs of the restaurant are the backbone of the entire operation. Without them, you would not have any customers walk in the door. The chairs allow people to sit and relax in after a long day of work. The tables allow food or drinks to be set on, which is the reason everyone goes to a restaurant.

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Choosing Guide

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round table restaurant


Restaurant tables and chairs dimensions and prices

One of our favorite chairs to be used in a restaurant is the schoolhouse armchair. Depending on how many of these you buy, you can get them as low as $90. The dimensions of the chair are 19 inches wide by 22 inches deep. This he dimensions is 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep. Most people will offer a 1 to 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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These chairs will weigh anywhere between 18 to 24 pounds. You should allow between one and three weeks delivery time, depending on where you are having them shipped. The overall height of the chair is 35 inches, which is very standard.


The frame of the chair can be finished in six different colors. These are a natural wood color, a cherry finish, a black finish, a mahogany finish, a dark mahogany finish, and a walnut finish. You can choose many different finals to be put on the chair if you would like. Some examples of different fabrics offered are: Woodland cherry, may ease Crimson, Brazil Merlot, chain dot wine, maze black, Woodland ebony, Brazil alloy, Woodland Hershey, and Brazil mushroomed.


These are only a few of the literally hundreds of different options you can choose from. The wonderful ability to choose whatever fabric you want on your chair can help match the theme of your restaurant. There are also different options and final that you can choose if you do not want fabric.


Some different examples of final you can choose from are: super white, Perl, ivory, mushroom, sand, Tan, yellow gold, chocolate chip, bright yellow, Tiger Lily, Georgia clay, T. Rose, plum, Burgundy, Concord, sky-blue, Silver serf, and silver gray. Once again, there are literally hundreds of different options that you can choose from. This all is to give you the ability to make your restaurant that much more unique than the competition.


One of my favorite options for restaurant tables for a restaurant is the round oak table top. Depending on the quantity that you purchase, you can get these as low as $70 each. The average weight will be 20 to 27 pounds. You will usually get a one year manufacturer’s warranty with purchase.


You should allow one to two weeks shipping time, depending on where you are. The different wood finishes that you can choose from are: natural wood, cherry wood, mahogany, dark mahogany, and walnut. The different tabletop sizes that you can choose from are: 24 inches round, 30 inches round, 36 inches round, 42 inches round, 48 inches round, and 60 inches round.


These are just two different examples of many choices that you can choose from for your restaurant tables and chairs. You will have to spend a lot of time looking at different tables and chairs to match your restaurant. In the interior designer can help you with this option. I highly recommend their services, just make sure you ask around and get references and compare : Bar Table for Every Use

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