Snuggle Up to a Cozy Pellet Fireplace Insert

This may not sound quite as inviting as snuggling up to a roaring fire on a cold winter day, but it will keep you warm. Since there has been so much concern with carbon being emitted from the use of traditional fireplaces lately, more options are coming into play. The pellet fireplace insert is one. This type of heat generates very little pollution.

Snuggle Up to a Cozy Pellet Fireplace Insert

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They can be used with the existing fireplace as most will fit right into the opening. The pellet fireplace insert is one of the ways you can change your traditional fireplace. The heat they emit is great for keeping warm on those cold winter nights. They are quite efficient.

In case you are wondering what pellets are, they are products of trees as well as plants. The typical type of wood pellets is made from waste products of trees. When wood is used to make lumber or some other product, the sawdust and chips of wood that are considered the throw away part of the process. Since wood has resin, this holds the pellets together naturally.

They may be made of other waste material depending upon which area of the country in which you reside. They do, however burn very efficiently and are a source of continual heat. One of the great things about the pellet fireplace insert is you do not have to have a fireplace to install one. There are types that can be built into the wall. If you have always wanted a fireplace, this may be your solution for that as well as for heating your home.

Not only are they energy efficient, they are also very stylish and will add a great look to your living room or family room. Some are made of cast iron and have great detailing. They have a heat exchanger and a combustion system so you do not have to worry about problems from using the insert.

The pellet fireplace insert is considered to be one of the ‘clean burning’ ways of heating your home. Since they produce very little ash compared to burning wood and release virtually no emissions into the environment, they are the preferred method of having a fireplace without the mess.

A Pellet Fireplace Insert Is Low Maintenance

Another advantage of the pellet fireplace insert is the low maintenance while still supplying plenty of heat for your home. Adding a pellet fireplace insert into the existing fireplace in your home can cut down on the drafts that are associated with most fireplaces. The inserts are known for better control of the temperature and more heat than the traditional fireplace can provide. Instead of losing heat up the chimney, it is directed into the room.

Many of the inserts can be purchased with blowers as well to help circulate the heat into the home. One insert in a typical fireplace can heat from 640 to 860 square feet of space. This could certainly cut down on heating bills for many people who use natural gas or electricity for heating.

If you are interested in converting your old heat source into an efficient one, you may want to check on a pellet fireplace insert. They are becoming more popular and are certainly more fuel efficient than anything we have had for a long time, also read: Pellet Stove Inserts for Alternative Stove too for compare.

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