Sofa Beds for Small Spaces

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There are many variations of the famous corner sofa beds and subtle differences between then. Sofa beds offer flexible use to its owners by acting as regular seating and doubling as extra sleeping spaces that are high in comfort. Sofa beds are covered in a variety of materials including the common cotton and polyester covers.

Sofa Beds for Small Spaces

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modern leather sofa bed

There are also suede and leather covers for the decorating styles that suit it. There are traditional two and three seat sofas that can be transformed into beds but also a few lesser known, like the smaller chair bed which usually houses a twin bed or the corner sofa bed which is perfect for the corner. Corner sofa beds have the added advantage that they also give great space utilization since many pieces are not suited for corners, yet they can still be pulled out, and you have a large sleeping area when you need it.

In its most basic form, the sofa beds with foam mattresses are the least costly. These come standard with sofa beds though today’s memory foam technology has penetrated this market and improved the quality. These are found in the smaller sofa beds and when you remove the cushions you reveal a pullout bed which can be used to lay a mattress on the floor. Sofa beds are only designed for occasional sleeping use, and thus, they are more suited to guest rooms and living room and not as a replacement for your bed unless you have a small studio or small living area, and the high functionality is a requirement.

leather corner sofa bed

The clic-clac sofa bed is named after the spring backs that making a clicking noise as they fold flat backward to form the other half of the bed when needed. There are many variations on the clic-clac sofa with wood or even steel tube frames. Another sofa bed type is the futon. These aren’t as formal or stylish and full-on sofas, so they are better kept in bedrooms or an extra office. They are also hard to match. However, it is still an excellent space-saving solution if you want a contemporary look and don’t have a lot of other furniture pieces that will clash with a futon bed. There are also some that come with extra storage space drawers underneath as well.

Depending on the use of your sofa bed, you might want a metal action sofa as this style is widely available and works well in a living room setting. They pull out of the seating area but instead of being on the ground, the mattress is metal action and held above the floor by metal legs that are the same height as the sofa. This feels more like a bed due to the lift. Remember to think about how your corner sofa bed will be used and what room it will go in before you make a firm decision on what type of sofa bed to purchase.

The corner sofa bed industry is a huge one that is home to a significant number of the main furniture manufacturers. The sophisticated styling of a corner sofa combined with the convenience of dual purpose use has given rise to the industry. Today, there are a dazzling variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and contemporary designs available. In the US market, these sofa bed manufacturers rank as the top players in the industry who see competition at the global level all the way down to the mom and pop local custom furniture builder. If you are considering getting a corner sofa bed, then you need to know about these five manufacturers.

Kira Designs Kira Designs is based in Canada, and everything is sourced from the North American continent. This means no inferior quality Chinese components. Their specialty lies in using 100% natural leather which gives their sofa beds a luxurious quality that is highly valued. They also produce faux suede complete their product offering. Kira Designs also makes sectional sofa furniture and provides various sofa types like recliners and corner sofas in addition to traditional sofa beds. Sectionals are each separate pieces of a larger sofa that can be used together to form a larger unique piece or by itself without looking like it needs to be attached to anything.

American Furniture Alliance (AFA) This Company is based in the US as its name indicates, formed nearly twenty years ago and headquartered in the state of California. The AFA specializes in ultra-modern furniture design that continuously evolves to embrace popular design trends in the market.

If have been looking at trendy and contemporary furniture, then chances are you have already seen some of the American Furniture Alliance’s excellent products. They also have a line of high quality futons that are also a class of sofa bed. In material construction, the use of hardwood eliminates creaking noises and they use only thick coil spring mattresses which are comfortable and never sag. Because they aim for the modern sofa bed market, their fabrics are generally high end and trendy.

Furniture considered a fashion forward company, this furniture manufacturer is also based on the progressive, forward-thinking state of California. They design all their furniture with three points of emphasis: fashion, quality, and reliability. Furniture FX creates good sofa beds similar to European sofa beds like the famed Italian designers. They only built products standing to the highest quality standards and back everything with a solid manufacturer’s warranty.

The clic clac bed is among one of their traditional designs, and it is a sofa bed that can only be laid flat. Their fabrics range anywhere from luxurious but durable faux leather to advanced and soft microfiber upholstery.

Wholesale Interiors Wholesale Interiors is based in Chicago, Illinois and are relative newcomers to the scene having been incorporated in 2002. Despite this fact, Wholesale Interiors has been aggressive in expanding its influence and currently boasts hundreds of different furniture items in all sorts of styles–modern, contemporary, classical, specialty (like home theater or A/V), or transitional. Their sofa beds are mainly of the simple recliner fold back style where a chair’s back can be adjusted to become completely flat. They do also offer more traditional pullout sofa bed models.

Handy Living This Company is also based in Illinois and builds high-quality sofa beds that can be assembled quickly. They will ship directly to your door and provide an affordable line of innovative products. Handy Living’s designs use a futon-like fold-back approach but have the look of more comfortable sofas so they can be displayed proudly in the living room and not hidden away from the view of guests.

If you spend some time shopping around, you will undoubtedly encounter at least one of these leading manufacturers of corner sofa beds in the North American market. They each have varying product lines catering to different demographics. They all provide high-quality products that will last you for a decade or more with good care. There are chic and European styles as well as more traditional ones among the manufacturers; it just depends on what you are looking for. The corner sofa bed is a convenient piece of furniture that goes great in small spaces or even spare rooms, turning it into a bedroom instantly without having to make it one. Corner sofa beds today are comfortable and easy to use, unlike the ones raised in the past. Manufacturing has made some improvements thanks to healthy competition in the market and these top five industry standard setters.

There are many so many different types of sofa and sofa designs in the furniture market that it can be quite safe to say you may never see the same one twice in all of the homes you ever visit. Imagine then how hard it is for a shop just to get started. Confusion should be the least of your worries, but it’s not unusual for many shoppers to be in this same situation. If often starts with simply going out to the local furniture outlet and looking at what’s available. While this is acceptable, this is not informed shopping and you may miss out on a better style or design for your home simply due to ignorance of market options. The biggest question you should ask yourself to avoid this dilemma is figuring what your needs are and then finding a sofa that will suit all those needs. A major problem knows when you need a sofa bed versus a traditional sofa that cannot be turned into bed. The correct answer will depend on your actual needs.

Available living space Extra bed requirements Home layout style desired styles and other variants the sofa bed is a specialized type of sofa that can be transformed into an entirely usable bed for sleeping. Not only is it a standard couch providing the same comforts, but it is also a bed as well. Standard transformations involve a bed frame that can be pulled out from within the bed or a backrest that can be laid flat to form a bed surface. A sofa bed is perfect for homeowners who need additional sleeping accommodations but don’t have the room. This is useful for family or relatives that frequently visit to provide them a place to sleep comfortably.

Especially if the house is small, the sofa bed becomes an even more attractive option. You will not have to sacrifice your space to make room for an extra bed which you won’t even use. Instead, since every home can use a sofa, you only need to make room for a chair. This means you can even put it in your living room, and no one would know what was underneath. The convertible sofa bed gives you the benefit of seating during the day and your welcome guests the benefit of a comfortable bed at night.

The corner sofa bed is also becoming quite prevalent in small apartments, dorm rooms, and studios all over the nation. These little living spaces require highly functional furniture as space is a premium. Useful and flexible furniture like sofa beds is perfect without sacrificing on good style. It’s great in college situations when you have to share rooms or have flat mates.

If your requirements fall into any of these situations or resemble the same needs, then chances are a sofa bed will be your best bet. Know that sizes are ranging from single beds to king size beds depending on your goals (accommodating one or two people and available space). With many other variants of sleeper sofas like the old favorite futon sofa and sleepers with other folding styles, the corner sofa bed is just one of many choices you have to select from.

Are you looking to add a full-size bed but don’t have space in your home? You may want to consider the double sofa bed after reading about some of its virtues here. To start, it’s very much like any ordinary sofa bed in that it can double as both a sofa and a bed. The difference is that a double sofa bed is much larger than the typical sofa. This is because double sofa beds are designed to accommodate twice the capacity of regular sofas.

Double Sofa Beds Are More Practical Small homes stand to benefit greatly from a double sofa bed as space can be quite limited. However, that doesn’t mean these aren’t useful for large homes with big open spaces. Double sofa beds feature very modern styling which can add an extra touch of class to any room.

It provides a host of other indulgent benefits as well, like being able to stretch out on a large padded surface to read a book, drink coffee, or even enjoy breakfast in bed without worry about the mess? You can do it guilt-free in a double sofa bed. It’s also perfect for the master bedroom as its size can accommodate both parents and then some, in case the kids come pop in.

Sofa Bed Types you are probably already familiar with the classic fold out bed, but there are others you may not know about or have heard of. Since there are quite a few types, knowing what’s available will help you greatly in your decision

  • Classic Sofa Beds these is the simplest sofa beds. It is a sofa that is made of separate pieces like the head rest, arm rest, and pillows. When you need to use it as a sofa or bed, only assemble or rearrange the pieces.
  • Foldout Sofa Beds these are the most convenient of all because they don’t require any assembly. All you need to do is fold out the bed, and the sofa is transformed. These are also called pullout sofa beds. As you pull out the mattress, a pair of legs or one full leg will come out to provide the support for the other end of the bed. To turn it back into a sofa just fold the bed right back in.
  • Drop End Sofa Beds These is advanced sofa beds that can act as either a single or double. Using a unique lever technology you can fold them and they are convertible to either configuration.
  • A-Frame Sofa Beds This type of sofa bed is slightly different from the foldout. You only drop the entire back down so that it is flat. This provides an entirely flat surface that you can then sleep on. These are popular because they allow you to store extra items underneath for extra storage. The corner sofa bed is a particularly useful piece of furniture that is suited for any home that needs an extra sleeping surface for the occasional guest but no guest room.

Unfortunately, there are many bad products in the marketplace so it can be hard to find one that is affordable and still of good quality. It never makes sense to spend tiny on something of low quality. You’ve probably experienced a bad sofa bed yourself at some point in your life if you’ve ever had a thin or lumpy mattress with steel bars that dug into your back.

It can be a challenge to find a cheap sofa bed that will still be comfortable for your guests, so how do you begin? Start by figuring out what the biggest use of the corner sofa bed is. Manufacturers will often focus on making either the sleeping comfortable or the sitting more comfortable. This is because of design tradeoffs that can affect the other. Plus it’s unusual to find someone who truly needs both.

So settle on the majority usage of your new sofa bed: will you be sitting on it more or sleeping on it? And be realistic here, a sofa bed will neither be as comfortable as a dedicated bed or sofa, it’s just a convenient in-between piece.

Deciding on a budget before you shopping will also save you from overspending. A quality corner sofa bed starts at several hundreds of dollars for the cheapest ones. You can get sofa beds under $500, but they look and are cheap and aren’t worth the money over the (short) lifetime of the furniture. You’ll want to take your time and jump on a more expensive model that is suddenly on sale to score a better quality sofa.

There are also many different types of sofa beds. The corner above sofa bed is ideal for corner spaces. There are also the traditional pullout beds which have a foldout mattress frame, the folding futon, and the Davenport. These are all classes of sofa beds, and each has its unique traits. Since there are small but significant differences between each, do your research, so you know exactly the type that you want and don’t want.

You may have to factor in the cost of a mattress pad and bedding sheets and even a fitted sheet to prevent stains. While futons are easy to clean because they use disjoint covers, an upholstered sofa bed is a different story altogether. Protect your investment and get some cheap sheets to cover them.

Once you are in the store be sure to test the pullout bed yourself. It should come out easily and without much effort. If it doesn’t, then it may be an indication of a cheap quality sofa bed, which is not what you want. You want a cheap sofa bed. Also, be sure to test the mattress and seats. Be suspicious if the salesperson won’t let you lay on it too long as it could indicate that there is something wrong with the mattress. Spend a good amount of time since it may take a while for your body to settle in. Move around and life it too, especially if you plan on moving it around at home. Make a few quick measurements just to verify its size, whether it is a real queen, full, or twin. You don’t want to waste money to buy sheets that won’t fit your sofa bed properly.

There is no need to shop based on price point only. A decent quality sofa bed that is cheap should have all the features you still want and yet be comfortable and easy to operate. If you get anything else, it may end up more trouble than it’s worth. Once you’ve learned what you can get for a certain price range, start looking for other bargains of same corner sofa beds. Trust your instincts and if a price looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Be patient and shop smart and you’ll have a cheap sofa bed for your guests in no time.

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