Counter Height Dining Table

If you are thinking of purchasing a counter height dining table, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. These tables are high tables, and usually have tall stools for seating. Most of them can accommodate four people at a time, and there are even some that will only seat two at a time. Keeping in mind how many people you have at home to seat is a good idea before splurging for this table. Besides, you do not want to end up on the short end of the stick as far as seating is concerned.

Counter Height Dining Table

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When you are shopping for your counter height dining table, keep in mind the decor you have for your kitchen and dining room. Whichever room you plan to put this table in, try to find one that matches and compliments the colors and style of the room. Because, if you do not, your new tall table may stand out like a sore thumb.


If you want a counter height dining table, and you have small kids, you may want to get a regular table for them to eat at, or rethink your options. If you are a family that eats together at the table, your smaller children will have a bit of trouble climbing up to the table that is twice their height. Not only that, there is the possibility of your child falling off of the high stool and hurting himself more than if he only fell out of a chair. Decide if this type of table is something that fits your family’s needs before you run out and buy one.


Be sure to get coordinating stools to use with your counter height dining table. The stools you choose will play an important role in how your table looks. Deciding whether or not to buy stools that have a back support is also a choice you will have to make. However, knowing that they look good around the table is a very important factor.


A counter height dining table kind of brings a café feel into your home. If this is not the atmosphere you want to create, you may want to choose something different. Perhaps you like the café feel and want this as part of your home? If so, choose a table that matches, is kid safe and make sure the stools coordinate nicely.

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