Top 5 Uses of Vanity Tables

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Vanity tables are great for many reasons. They are perfect for the teen age girl or woman who wears makeup and has nightly face cleaning rituals. They are great for doing your hair as well as many other things.

Top 5 Uses of Vanity Tables

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Read on to find out the many uses for  vanity tables :

  1. Applying makeup
    Vanity tables are good for applying makeup. Many of them come with a light mirror so that you can see what you are doing, making using one so much easier. If you happen to purchase one that did not come with a light, you can purchase a lighted mirror to set on top of your table.
  2. Brushing your hair
    Brushing your hair can be done at a vanity table. You can sit in front of it and brush all of the tangles out of your hair, blow it dry, or straighten it. The possibilities are endless for things to do to your hair at this table.
  3. Paint your nails
    Vanity tables can hold all of your makeup and nail polishes. Making it easier for you to access anything you might need. Sitting at your table and polishing your nails will help keep spills and messes to a minimum.
  4. Applying moisturizer
    Apply moisturizer at your vanity table is a great idea. Not only moisturizer, but any other face cleaning solution you might use. Most of these tables have mirrors that will enhance your reflection, allowing you to see pores and dirt you need to clean off of your face.
  5. Putting your contact lens in
    If you are a contact lens wearer and then you know how important it is to get close to a mirror to get the lens in your eye correctly. The vanity table will allow you to get closer, which makes taking care of your eyes so much easier.

Vanity tables are also known as makeup tables. Both have ways of simplifying your life and making things easier and more convenient. Using a vanity table can allow other people to get in the bathroom more often. Be considerate of others if you are sharing a bathroom and invest in a vanity mirror. Read to the similar post : Do You Need a Makeup Table?


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