What Is A Foyer Table?


A Foyer table or also known as a console table often found place docked the wall. In some ways, it’s installed in the wall over security considerations. For decorative purposes, this small table is chosen to lay a desk-lamp or a pot containing some sprigs of flowers inside. With the flexibility of use and a wide variety of forms and sizes, you’re sure to be able to find suitable for the needs of your home at a price that fits your abilities.

What Is A Foyer Table?

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Rustic foyer table

Usually a foyer table is often found at the hallways and the lobby which located in a hallway, they offer the perfect place to keep your keys, or place the mail or newspapers that come through the door.  It’s Also meant to put the keys, mails or newspapers that come through from the door. Sometimes you also find a foyer table with mirror above it, is meant to check your appearance before you leave home.

Choosing the Right Table

There is no fixed rule about the design of the foyer tables; they can be round, square or rectangular with two or four legs for it. A foyer table that has two legs must be secured to the wall. This table can also be moved to other places easily fits your needs is essential closer from the walls as its function to the hallway and lobby.


If you want to search a multipurpose table, the foyer tables can be a wise choice which is available in a choice of colors and models that fit the needs of the room.  They are made of wood with classic-style or modern style glass with chrome, and more. You easily determine the model according to the tastes and the ability of the budget that you have.

Is A Sofa Table A Foyer Table?

These tables’ haves are very diverse in design, models, sizes, shapes and colors available, we sometimes difficult to distinguish between the foyer tables and sofa plus tables. Actually, the definitions of the both are rather vague, generally defined as a small, narrow table that sustained two or four legs until you identify it confused.

For not more confused in your mind, it is very reasonable for the entire sofa table used as a foyer table despite its size is not appropriate, but not every table can be used as a sofa table, especially when the options is two legs desk that secured to  fixed on the wall. As a comparison, when you visit a hotel, you can easily find a foyer table placed in the lobby and hallways so beautiful and decorative look of the room. This can add ideas and insight into your art.

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