Why Consider a Glass Office Desk?

Modern Glass Office Desk

Aesthetics: The advantage of a glass office desk over other types of desks is primarily aesthetic. You want your office to exude style, so you choose a glass office desk instead of a laminated desk or a large wooden desk. The sleekness of the material is synonymous with the contemporary style.

Why Consider a Glass Office Desk?

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Glass And Wood Computer Desk

Neatness: If you are a fan of neatness, a glass office desk is a practical choice. It is conveniently easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe down the glass with a damp cloth. A glass cleaner would also help to make your tabletop desks spotless and dirt-free. The transparent material will show off your tidy workspace.

Affordability: A glass office desk is more affordable than other materials such as hardwood and metal desks. The actual cost will, of course, depend on some factors such as table dimensions, furniture design, quality of artistry, and even which store you buy from.

Glass Office Desk Design

Glass Office Desk Buying Guide 

Attempting to answer the question of how to choose a glass office desk, here is a list of what to look for:

Safe weight: This pertains to the maximum capacity of the glass in psi measurements (pounds per square inch). A specifications sheet will contain the information you need. The recommended glass type is tempered safety glass. This will have a pressure capacity of least 14,500 psi. This means that the minimum safe weight will be 60 lbs. With proper support down the middle of the tabletop, safe weight is increased more than twice.

Proper Support and Overall Design: look for a glass office desk design that has proper support of the tabletop. These supports should be neatly incorporated into the design. They should be located at the corners and the edges of the table, and in the center part, as vertical columns to support the mid-part of the tabletop. These factors become imperative in a glass office table with these specs:

If wider than 2 ½ feet, a glass office table will need corner and edge support

If 3-4 feet, a glass office table will need central vertical column supports

The sturdiness of Frame: Frame construction must pass certain standards as well. The different parts must be securely held in place with quality bolts or screws. Keep your eye out for how these frames are fastened together. Welded frames are right; glued frames are not. Check for unsteadiness by trying to gently rock or sway the glass office table.

Heat Treated vs. Tempered

Heat-treated: Annealed glass is another word for this kind of glass. It is a step up from ordinary glass. Heat-treated glass has gone through the process of slow cooling. Thus, internal stresses are relieved. It is harder than tempered glass and thus less prone to scratches. It is popular because of its affordability.

Tempered: This kind of glass is now a requirement window glass in most building codes. It is also seen in diving masks, cookware, coffee makers, oven windows, computer screens, passenger windows in cars, and perhaps your glass office table. The reason is that this tempered glass is toughened against high temperatures and stresses. It is safer than heat-treated glass because when it shatters, it breaks into minuscule particles. Heat-treated glass breaks into shards and is therefore seen as unsafe for some applications. Due to its propensity for scratching, tempered glass is usually coated or laminated for protection.

Pounds per Square Inch (psi)

Psi is a unit to measure stress or pressure. Knowing psi values will let us know the capacity of a glass office table. Tempered glass must pass federal specifications of at least 10.000 psi. It needs 24.000 psi before it breaks. At 24 thousand psi, a glass office table can carry about 300 lbs. With the right support design, e.g. vertical support columns in the middle, the maximum safe weight is increased twofold for a 600 lbs. Maximum safe weight capacity.

How About Price?

Glass office desk prices range from $100 to $400, with $200 being the average price for most. This is significantly lower than most wood furniture. Just like buying any product, you must find the best balance of price value against quality, features, design, and capacity. Sometimes, online stores offer the best prices. They can afford to offer a glass office desk at less the price because they have less overhead than regular furniture stores.

Buying Glass Office Desk Online

Buying online has its advantages, but with an office glass desk, you must check the transportation facilities of the online store. Customer reviews are useful not only for finding out satisfaction rates but also with how the glass office desk is shipped and handled.


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